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Biomedical Company Gedeon Richter Partners with Health Education Platform Skrinings to Deliver Global, No-Cost Contraceptive Education

Platform now offers secure, private resources on birth control, IUDs, emergency contraception, and more

June 21st, 2022, RIGA, LATVIA – Women’s health platform announced today that it has partnered with multinational pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter to launch a completely private educational platform that empowers people to make informed decisions about contraception and other birth control options. In the first two months of operations, more than 1,700 women across Northern and Western Europe have taken the test.

Launched by Longenesis and other regional healthcare stakeholders in 2020, is an online health platform that helps individuals better understand their reproductive and breast health. Unsuitable or incorrectly used methods of contraception result in around 33 million unintended pregnancies each year. People that take birth control can struggle with societal taboos and a lack of accessible resources on which options fit their lifestyle, medical history and personal preferences. 

Unlike Planned Parenthood in the United States, there is not a singular organisation in Europe that provides education on birth control options - and even fewer resources that do exist in Europe are available in multiple languages. seeks to remedy this gap for Europe and Eastern Europe, with its platform and this private contraception quiz available in English, Russian and Latvian.

To combat this, the team collaborated with the Gedeon Richter Baltic office and other leading reproductive health specialists to launch the educational test. The test includes questions related to lifestyle factors and medical history that individuals should consider when choosing a birth control method. People who complete the test receive a customised report based on their answers that they can bring to their doctors for further discussion.

Dr. Laura Lūse, a gynecologist who helped create the test, noted, “With more and more aspects of our lives moving to the virtual realm, it is vital that people have access to reliable, evidence-based information online about contraception options. As a doctor, I am proud to see working with leading healthcare stakeholders to increase understanding in this area. This will help my patients have more informed conversations about their birth control options and help to dispel myths around certain contraceptive options.”
“Test results served as a foundation for a wide scale communication about safe contraception methods. In collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter, women were offered the opportunity to get a free consultation with a gynecologist regarding the topic of contraception. Whereas female influencers gladly shared their test results via digital channels, communicated about the findings of the research initiative and, together with doctors during live sessions, encouraged their social media followers to visit their gynecologist, talk about contraception and make use of the modern approaches and solutions. The results of the research initiative were also presented in the local Latvian media and referred to in opinion articles by various medical doctors,” looking back on the successful collaboration during the project recollects the Gedeon Richter representative.

Through’s partnership with Longenesis, completely anonymised and private data from the test can be made available to researchers and reproductive health specialists seeking to provide better care to their patients and increase awareness of contraception in their countries. also offers a breast cancer risk assessment tool in Russian, English and Latvian that has helped more than 8000 people take more control over their breast health and prevent devastating late-stage diagnoses. 

About is an online health platform that empowers individuals to learn more about their health. Developed by specialists from the medical, technology, and design fields, the platform aims to establish a culture of preventative healthcare in Latvia as well as educate women on breast cancer risk and contraception methods. By educating more individuals and collecting real-world data, is actively contributing to decreasing unwanted pregnancies, lowering the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and helping women take control of their reproductive health. Learn more at

About Gedeon Richter
Gedeon Richter Plc. (, headquartered in Budapest/Hungary, is a major pharmaceutical company in Central Eastern Europe, with an expanding direct presence in Western Europe, in China and in Latin America. Having reached a market capitalization of EUR 4.4 billion (USD 5.0 billion) by the end of 2021, Richter's consolidated sales were approximately EUR 1.8 billion (USD 2.1 billion) during the same year. The product portfolio of Richter covers many important therapeutic areas, including Women's Healthcare, Central Nervous System and Cardiovascular areas. Having the largest R&D unit in Central Eastern Europe, Richter's original research activity focuses on CNS disorders. With its widely acknowledged steroid chemistry expertise, Richter is a significant player in the Women's Healthcare field worldwide. Richter is also active in biosimilar product development.

About Longenesis
Longenesis is a SaaS company that is unlocking a healthier future for humans. Supported by Insilico Medicine and other technology leaders, Longenesis has built an end-to-end, intuitive toolkit for data discovery and patient-centric engagement that prioritises privacy and ethics. Our flagship products, Curator and Engage, are highly secure and designed for patients to remain in control of their personal data while also empowering them to share their information with doctors and researchers worldwide. Through these products, we unlock the hidden value of data, accelerate novel drug and treatment discovery and ensure better and proactive patient engagement. Our mission is to help modernise the approach to human health. At Longenesis, we firmly believe the future medical system will be collaborative. We build a technological bridge between healthcare institutions, pharma companies, research institutions and patients. We are proud to partner with leading educational and research institutions, global life sciences companies, healthcare stakeholders, and patient advocacy groups in service of this mission. Learn more about us at

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