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Online clinic Medon collaborates with Longenesis to develop a cardiovascular disease risk calculator

In order to increase the public awareness of cardiovascular health and encourage the population to take preventive action by identifying and mitigating the effects of cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors in a timely fashion, the online clinic Medon in collaboration with the health technology start-up Longenesis, has published a survey to determine the CVD risk. After filling the survey, each respondent is provided with a personalized answer and recommendations from experts of the field.

Identify the 10-year risk
The free heart health survey published by Medon and Longenesis is based on the SCORE2 risk chart which is also used by medical professionals to determine the CVD risk. The survey has been designed to facilitate early detection and treatment of CVD. By answering only a few questions designed to weigh out the influencing risk factors and key health indicators of the respondent, the public is enabled to quickly and easily determine the level of risk they have for developing cardiovascular disease over the next ten years.

Strive towards dispelling ignorance
After submitting the survey, respondents are provided with information on how they can affect and reduce their CVD risk level by changing their daily habits. This way the initiative addresses the negative associations and fears associated with cardiovascular diseases by offering verified, valuable information developed by doctors and specialists. After completing the survey, recommendations are given on the advisable next steps for the relevant risk group, encouraging people to take active care of their heart.

Encouraging the population to take care of their heart in the long run
Combining the information prepared by specialists with the advantages of the technological solution, the initiative is intended to bring forth the topic of cardiovascular health in the society. By leading a healthy lifestyle and conducting regular health check-ups, a number of CVD risk factors can be prevented. That means that everyone, regardless of their age, can have an immediate positive impact on the health of their heart and improve the quality of their life now, as well as take care of it in the long run.

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