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Longenesis and Medtronic Study Finds Insulin Pumps Contribute to Better Quality of Life for Type 1 Diabetes Patients

Longenesis' tools helped researchers engage with patients and build a more efficient, effective reimbursement policy for medical devices

July 13th, 2022, RIGA, LATVIA – Longenesis announced today the preliminary results from its study on Type 1 Diabetes care in partnership with Medtronic. In less than three months, more than 85 patients participated in the research study, providing qualitative and quantitative data on the quality of life for Type 1 diabetics using insulin pumps compared to daily insulin injections. The study sponsors used participant data to evaluate the efficiency of local reimbursement policies for insulin pumps and glucose monitors, helping to create more informed and patient-centric policies. The study found that insulin pump use supports a higher quality of life. Cost is the main reason to avoid or stop insulin pump usage, emphasising the importance of patient-centric reimbursement policies for diabetes patients.  

Managing Type 1 diabetes takes considerable time and effort, and the healthcare stakeholders should not overlook the burden of care on patients’ quality of life.  Longenesis announced its initial partnership to study diabetic patients’ quality of life with Medtronic in 2021. Medical research often suffers from low patient engagement rates due to a lack of individualised engagement options, resulting in a lack of helpful data that healthcare stakeholders can use to make vital care decisions. Longenesis’ engagement tools,  Longenesis.Curator and Longenesis.Engage, ensure dynamic patient identification, efficient digital onboarding and follow-up communication. Curator and Engage protect patient data while making it easy for participants to contribute to studies. 

Longenesis’ solutions had a tremendous impact on the speed of patient enrolment. A representative from the Medtronic Baltic office said, “Preparation and execution of Type 1 diabetes research and advocacy project is Medtronic’s first cooperation with Longenesis. We highly value the professional attitude, friendly communication, and efficient and quick work of the team to prepare and execute the research project. The digital approach and tools used by Longenesis for this project have greatly impacted the speed of patient enrolment, are easy to use and comply with the highest standards of safety, data protection and patient-centric approaches.”

The Longenesis platform also received exceptional feedback from patients, with approximately 80% of patients reviewing their study participation as satisfactory and no patients expressing dissatisfaction. Participants noted the ease of use of Longenesis.Engage, particularly how they could continuously manage their consent for participating in the project. Through Longenesis.Engage, patients could revoke and/or renew their consent during the research process and were also informed about how the study used their data. This helped patients feel engaged and contributed to a high retention rate.  

The results of the research study have received academic recognition, are currently in pre-print for several journals and were presented as part of the European Congress of Endocrinology,. The project findings will serve as a valuable tool for patient advocacy groups and respective stakeholders in drawing the government's attention to the needs of Type 1 Diabetes patients in managing their care, both financially and personally. 

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Longenesis is a SaaS company that is unlocking a healthier future for humans. Supported by Insilico Medicine and other technology leaders, Longenesis has built an end-to-end, intuitive toolkit for data discovery and patient-centric engagement that prioritises privacy and ethics. Our flagship products, Curator and Engage, are highly secure and designed for patients to remain in control of their personal data while also empowering them to share their information with doctors and researchers worldwide. Through these products, we unlock the hidden value of data, accelerate novel drug and treatment discovery and ensure better and proactive patient engagement. Our mission is to help modernise the approach to human health. At Longenesis, we firmly believe the future medical system will be collaborative. We build a technological bridge between healthcare institutions, pharma companies, research institutions and patients. We are proud to partner with leading educational and research institutions, global life sciences companies, healthcare stakeholders, and patient advocacy groups in service of this mission. Learn more about us at

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