"We are looking to improve human performance, extend life, prevent disease and make all people wealthier by developing a decentralized ecosystem for exchange and utilization of human life data using the latest advances in blockchain and artificial intelligence".
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August 2017
The Insilico Medicine has formed
a partnership with Bitfury Group
  • Leader in Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery, Biomarker Development and Aging Research
  • Attracted over $12 million in venture funding
  • NVIDIA's top 5 AI Companies for Social Impact
  • Over 200 research collaborators worldwide
  • Deals with big pharma companies
  • Nutraceuticals sold on the market with human data tracking system
  • Over 40 peer-reviewed research publicationsExecuted Projects: Young.AI, Embryonic.AI,, Chemistry.AI,
  • The world's leading full-service blockchain technology company
  • Architect of the open-source blockchain framework Exonum
  • Bitcoin transaction processer, with datacenters in the Republic of Georgia, Iceland, Canada and Norway
  • Leading several blockchain projects around the world, including the Republic of Georgia, Ukraine, Bermuda and Malta
  • More than 700 team members in 17 countries across the world
  • More than $100 million in venture in debt and equity Amsterdam, Netherlands

Just by submitting information and regularly contributing data to Longenesis, users will be generating currency. This on top of traditional mining of blocks will create a healthy circulation of life data.
Everybody can be a miner
Use Case
Our goal is to build a revolutionary platform that delivers the future of medicine and data analytics through AI-Blockchain integration
By building and launching this platform on blockchain technology, we can assure our users that their files are private and secure. Users can store and track their medical data to gain insight into their health like never before.
Securely store data and track your health
Utilizing smart contracts to give the buyer and seller a direct line of communication in a secure manner. Buyers can send data requests to Sellers without having to go through a human intermediary so the process can be streamlined. This allows buyers and sellers to communicate directly in a secure setting.
Direct interaction without third parties
Longenesis Data Escrow will be able to provide new insights in the fields of Healthcare R&D. It will provide analysis and recommendations to pharmaceutical companies to help developing new drugs.
Healthcare Development
Nebula Genomics powered by Longenesis
Application of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology creating a marketplace for individuals and biobanks to store, manage, and control access to genomic and other health data in a secure environment.
New York, USA
Alex Zhavoronkov, CSO, Longenesis
Consensus 2018
Singularity Exponential Medicine 2017
South Korea
San Diego, USA
The Global Leaders Forum
Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO, Insilico Medicine

Valery Vavilov, Founder and CEO, Director of the Board, Bitfury
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