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Re-defining biomedical data processing by developing legitimate ways to transform clinical data into life-saving traceable and tradable assets.
Modular solution
Longenesis focuses on developing legitimate ways to enable healthcare institutions and clinical data aggregators to share biomedical data for research. This is achieved through the implementation of a universal toolkit, comprised of three interrelated modules:
A tool for paperless patient consent management on blockchain compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, and other regional regulations, being capable of on-demand consent form generation, as well as full consent administration from patient afterwards.Enables universal proof of consent, aids healthcare institutions in enrolling patients into clinical trials, as well as getting auditable and transferable permissions for clinical data sharing with third parties.
A public-facing interface which allows to showcase metadata glossaries of the actual clinical data repositories available with partner healthcare institutions without releasing any personal information. This allows potential data users to query and acquire datasets on demand directly from the data aggregators.

NB: Only anonymised metadata metrics are used in order to connect data potential acquirers/users and data aggregators.
A tool deployed in cases when data aggregators do not have their own patient communication system in place. A white-labeled patient-facing module, deployed to enable direct link to patients/individuals for consent requests, RWD generation, additional surveys, research and clinical trial onboarding etc.
Connecting all the stakeholders in one place
Pharmaceutical companies and CROs that target specific patient cohorts and query datasets based on unique search criteria required for their research.

Healthcare organisations, such as hospitals and clinics, genome sequencers and other medical institutions who aggregate biomedical data.
Individuals/Patients, who provide valuable RWD insights and contribute by giving permission to participate in specific research.
Making it happen

Sergey Jakimov
Executive Board Member
Emil Syundyukov
Garri Zmudze
Board Member
Alex Zhavoronkov
Scientific Advisor
Linda Seibe
Product Designer
Ugis Berzins
Lead Developer
Arnolds Bogdanovs
Senior Engineer
Zlata Potilicina
Software Engineer
Konstantin Romantsov
Solution Architect
Maksims Mastalers MD
Medical Researcher
Jana Visnevska MD
Medical Researcher
Agate Kalcenaua MD
Medical Product Manager
Nick Petrovich
Ieva Danovska
Project Manager
Our founders
The largest full-service blockchain technology company in the world. Bitfury provides its developed blockchain Exonum, the framework that is more flexible in implementing and upgrading functionality than permissionless blockchain networks (e.g., Ethereum).
Insilico Medicine
A Baltimore-based next-generation AI company specializing in the application of deep learning for target identification, drug discovery and aging research.

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