Unlocking a healthier future with health data
Longenesis offers an end-to-end, intuitive toolkit for data discovery and patient engagement that prioritises privacy, ethics and experience
Trusted by Global Leaders in Healthcare and Research
Our Offerings
Longenesis makes data discovery and patient engagement easier for biomedical institutions, patient organisations and research sponsors.
Our products empower hospitals, doctors, and researchers to communicate directly while providing compliant and consent-enabled biomedical data curation and generation.

    Accelerating Research with Streamlined Data Discovery
    Longenesis.Curator simplifies data sharing for clinical studies by connecting healthcare and life sciences organisations to a cohesive and secure patient database.
    Enhancing Patient Engagement and Facilitating Real-World Data Collection
    Longenesis.Engage prioritises patient experience with its user-friendly education, surveys, and consent modules. The real-world data it collects is a vital resource for further medical research and discovery.
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    How We Work
    Our mission is to modernise the experience of human health. Developed by leading healthcare and data professionals, our all-in-one toolkit unlocks new data streams for healthcare institutions and study sponsors while also providing seamless patient engagement.
      Success Stories
      • Longenesis and Dante Genomics Partner to Make Personalised Medicine More Accessible Across Europe
        Longenesis Partners with Dante Genomics
        Leaders in biotech and genomics to launch more personalised genomic solutions to more than 10,000 people across the Baltics and Mediterranean regions
      • How Longenesis Tools Help with Understanding Rare Skin Diseases

        Clinical and Academic Centers in Hungary and the Baltics
        Longenesis.Curator helps patients with rare skin diseases securely share their data for participation in clinical studies. Digitising patient registries for rare diseases is vital in accelerating research toward a cure.
      • Longenesis.Engage: Supporting Detection and Understanding of Long COVID Symptoms in Children
        Children's Clinical University Hospital in Latvia
        Clinicians at a national children's hospital use the Longenesis.Engage platform to monitor recovery, arrange follow-up appointments and track symptom progression after children have been diagnosed with COVID-19.
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