Longenesis Tools Support the Creation of One of the World's Largest Data Biobanks
Our DNA holds vital information regarding our health, state of wellbeing and predisposition to certain illnesses. Understanding our genetic code better, therefore brings us closer to identifying the causes of certain diseases and finding new ways to prevent them. This area of biomedical research is rapidly evolving and holds immense potential in improving healthcare diagnostics, conducting research and creating new therapeutic innovations.

Longenesis is thrilled to contribute to this field by partnering with M42 Health, the United Arab Emirates leading AI-powered healthcare company. M42 Health combines G42 Healthcare's unique medical and data-centric technologies with Mubadala Health's world-class patient services and state-of-the-art facilities to provide the highest level of personalized, precise, and preventative care. In the context of the large-scale UAE's national genome initiative " The Emirati Genome Programme", this collaboration aims to create the world's largest patient biobank.

The Challenges and Sensitivity of Medical Data

The value and sensitivity of patient medical data cannot be understated. Medical data is a protected class of personal information and therefore particularly vulnerable to security violations, privacy and confidentiality breaches. Consequently, the gathering and processing of such data needs to be conducted based on rigorous principles of patient-centricity and ethics.

Why Longenesis?

Longenesis prides itself on not only providing ISO certified digital tools that enhance participant engagement in this project, but also doing it securely and with continuous, proactive patient consent. Succinctly summarized by Emil Syundyukov, co-founder and CEO of Longenesis - "It is our pleasure to partner with M42 Health and be part of their work transforming healthcare. We have joined forces to advance patient-centricity in their research by providing digital tools on our platform for participant engagement in research. Together, we have built a digitized bridge connecting patients with the research community while using our proprietary technology to preserve privacy and patient-centricity. We are looking forward to assisting M42 Health with their ambitious development plans in healthcare diagnostics, research and therapeutic innovations."

As a result, the Longenesis digital platform plays a crucial role in accelerating ethical and consent-driven medical research while upholding the highest standards of compliance.

Results: Paving the Way Towards Personalised and Preventative Healthcare

Since the start of the project in 2020 over 500,000 citizens across the UAE have participated in the "Emirati Genome Programme" with the help of Longenesis tools. This number is expected to reach over 1 million citizens by 2025.

Upon completion, this ambitious project aims to enhance precision medicine across the UAE.

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