Longenesis.Engage: A Key Support for Detecting and Understanding Long COVID Symptoms in Children
Longenesis.Engage platform has been applied by clinicians to monitor COVID-19 recovery and follow-up phase after the stage of acute illness, and track symptoms of long COVID in children.
As COVID-19 case numbers fluctuate worldwide, scientists and doctors continue to learn more about the SARS-CoV-2 virus. One area of focus is "long COVID" - symptoms of the virus that affect COVID-19-positive individuals after the initial acute infection has passed. These symptoms can include fatigue, shortness of breath, persistent cough, mental health problems and more. Long COVID is estimated to affect 43% of the patients both hospitalised and non hospitalised. The prevalence of this condition is observed in adults, and is also, unfortunately, present in children.

To help support families and monitor children at risk for long COVID, Longenesis has created a solution for a Children's Clinical University Hospital in Latvia that offers a tool for families and doctors to track recovery and identify any concerning symptoms that require follow-up.
Challenge: Supporting and Monitoring Long COVID Patients

The Children's Clinical University Hospital is a leading children's healthcare institution in Latvia that has felt significant effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. To help its patients and their families after they are discharged from the hospital, healthcare professionals partnered with Longenesis to find a solution that would allow them to identify patients with potential long COVID symptoms and arrange follow-up consultations, while also providing remote support and reassurance for parents monitoring children with milder cases.
Why Longenesis.Engage?

Longenesis.Engage is a digital engagement platform that revolutionises the digital approach to patient engagement and research execution. Creating, conducting and improving research projects is possible through a simple-to-use platform. When researchers set up on Longenesis.Engage, they can more effectively collect data, ensure privacy and data protection and help their patients feel informed and secure.

Because COVID-19 can cause post-COVID symptoms any time after infection in both mild and severe cases, it was vital that the Latvian Children's Clinical University Hospital could inform parents of COVID-19 patients of next steps to take in case of post-COVID presentation. Parents also needed a reliable way to monitor symptom progression for what is "normal" and when to seek an in-person consultation.
Partnership Results

Using our digital engagement solution Longenesis.Engage, Latvian Children's Clinical University Hospital developed a survey – a screening test – to help identify different post-COVID conditions based on regular parent evaluation of their children's symptoms. The report page of the survey follows a logical flow that performs triage of patients for whether they can continue to recover at home or pursue an appointment with a medical professional. Engage's efficient and intuitive platform allows parents to proactively monitor their children's progress while simultaneously helping to organise upcoming consultations in a more educated and informed manner. Parents can easily give e-consent for data access both within the platform and in any in-person visits to ensure all communication is streamlined.

Within the initiative, parents of the young patients have the option to assess and monitor the appearance of long COVID symptoms in their children with help of the survey that has been developed by the doctors of the Children's Clinical University Hospital. Besides, the families are also empowered to keep a close watch on the psychological wellbeing of their child with help of a similar survey that has been designed to monitor indicators of any lasting psychological distress. Next, if the survey results suggest it is necessary, the parents are recommended to seek out a follow-up visit with a doctor – either a specialist at the Children's Clinical University Hospital or their family doctor.

So far parents have performed the screening test on 300 instances in order to determine whether there are any lasting long COVID symptoms in their child. From these, in 284 cases the families have received a recommendation to schedule a repeated visit with a specialist at the Children's Clinical University Hospital and in the remaining 16 cases they have been advised to follow up with their family doctor. Furthermore, 210 screening tests have been submitted by the young COVID-19 patients' families to assess the patients' psychological wellbeing and in 91 cases the child's parents have been advised to book an appointment with a psychologist at the Children's Clinical University Hospital.

At Longenesis, our mission is to make data work for global healthcare. Longenesis.Engage-supported research has aided numerous families to help their children recover from COVID-19.

We look forward to working together with research and medical stakeholders to advance collaboration in this area and will share an update as these long COVID studies progress. To find out more about the Longenesis tools Engage and Curator and their potential applications to your specific use case, please visit our website.