Unlocking a healthier future by enhancing secondary health data usage
Longenesis brings an end-to-end, intuitive toolkit for Data Discovery and Patient-Centric Engagement, while being Privacy- and Ethics-by-Design at heart
Partnered with Global Healthcare and Research Leaders
Our Products
Longenesis has created an end-to-end environment for biomedical institutions, patient organizations and research partners and sponsors - to communicate directly, enabling both safe data curation and compliant, consent-enabled biomedical data utilization for research.
Data Discovery accelerating research
Longenesis.Curator streamlines data sharing for clinical studies, bringing together healthcare and life sciences organizations.
Patient Engagement with RWD collection
Longenesis.Engage engages patients through user-friendly education, surveys, simplified and secured patient consent, while generating outcome based real world data.
How We Work
Our platform safely unlocks site data for healthcare institutions and study sponsors and allows seamless participant
engagement - in one intuitive toolkit.
Longenesis Product Infrastructure
Success Stories
Longenesis: Centring Patient Quality of Life in Diabetes Treatment Options
Latvian Children's Clinical University Hospital
Longenesis Engage helps monitor children recovering from COVID for any post-diagnosis complications, providing parents with support throughout recovery.
How Longenesis Tools Help with Understanding Rare Skin Diseases
Clinical and Academic Centers in Hungary and the Baltics
Longenesis Curator helps patients with rare skin diseases securely share their data for potential clinical studies. Digitising patient registries for rare diseases is a vital step forward.
Launching Country-Wide Genome Programme
G42 Healthcare and Emirati Government
Longenesis provides a dynamic content management tool for Emirates citizens to participate in the ongoing research project. Data sharing is in the hands of the patients, with privacy guaranteed.
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