Bring patient-centricity and dynamics to your research
Promote better participant engagement by going digital – from drawing research design up to consent management and engagement strategies. Be sure to have patient-centricity and dynamics in mind
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Collect Real World Data and patient outcomes
Longenesis.Engage is a digital patient engagement platform that enables the benefits of digital approach to patient engagement and research execution. Conduct multiple research projects, funnel patient cohorts for upcoming studies, follow-up and re-engage the participants, and manage their consent while upholding the data protection regulations and privacy requirements.
Explore the advantages of Engage
A tool that helps you promote participant engagement. Create, conduct, and improve your research projects, survey participants, and manage their contributions – all in one place.
Accelerate study management
Simplify study deployment and management with easy-to-use digital tools.
Improved patient experience
Promote purposeful patient-orientated participation with enhanced retention rates.
Transparency and knowledge
Privacy and data protection mechanisms for participants to decide where, how and why the data will be used.
9+ Languages supported
Educate participants and build understanding, regardless of language barriers.
Effective data collection
Utilise the customised, self-guided data collection and engagement tool.
Ensure informed compliance
Keep track of the evolving healthcare data regulation landscape.
Receive extensive support
Receive tailored guidance through each step of the process.
Benefit from a paperless process
Digitise the data collection and management process for increased efficiency and security.
Add new studies and manage consents
Create studies – drag and drop the necessary consent documents, add multiple languages and information, and choose from a large selection of data entry forms to design your study.
Create your custom surveys
Choose from a large selection of data entry forms in your studies, create logic and funnel your participant to generate RWD for your research.
Easily onboard participants
Start enrolling the patients into your study by using your organization link.
Track progress & export data ready to be analyzed

Check the number of participants and their consent status, and download data through multiple export options at any time.
Getting started is easy
Create studies - drag and drop the necessary consent documents,
add multiple languages and information.
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Facilitate research process with
other tools provided by Longenesis
Learn about our other interrelated modules built for patient cohort onboarding and population engagement:
Curator can serve as a complementary solution for Engage allowing to showcase the scope of data for research without compromising the privacy of the patients and data protection regulations and allowing partners real-time patient cohort identification matching inclusion/exclusion criteria and further collaboration initiation.
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