Consent Management Toolkit
Building more transparent relations between Organisations and Data Owners,
thus increasing trust and boosting amounts of health data available for research.
Nowadays users are very vigilant about the disclosure of their personal and health data. Data protection regulations are strengthening all over the world. Thus, it becomes crucial for any biomedical data processor to comply with GDPR, HIPAA, PIPA and other local data protection laws. Due to extremely outrageous fines - failure is not an option.

Longenesis aims to re-define the biomedical data processing by providing a tool for compliant paperless consent management and the marketplace for querying customized datasets for research.
We bring you Consent Management Tool
Enables organizations to comply with data privacy regulations while actively using the available datasets for research.
Blockchain-based consent management solution will allow you to easily create compliant forms and monitor the given consent in real-time.
Having immutable and timestamped history of audible logs builds trust with researchers and regulators.
Patient friendly B2C interface with built-in incentives improves trust and increases participation rates in research.
Key Features
We work hard to facilitate consent management. Knowledge and experience of DPOs and legal advisors combined and wrapped in one simple tool.
We got you covered with GDPR, HIPAA, PIPA and other local regulations. Data subjects can give, manage and withdraw their consent. Customized forms. Data subjects identified. Granular permission.
to Use
The ability to analyze collected data types and correlate them in order to "view the bigger picture", meaning in-depth health analytics for certain patient/cohort of patients.
and secure
All the records are timestamped and made in the immutable blockchain ledger. Each action is documented and saved as a separate transaction. Access to history logs. Confirmation of deletion of data after expiry or withdrawal.
Unlock data
for research
Enables healthcare providers, genome sequencers and other data aggregators to treat the data they already have as intangible assets and to unlock it for the research.
How it works
"We see transparency as a cornerstone value in the future of life data exchange processes. Efficient and auditable consent management mechanism is key for ensuring legal soundness and validity of any healthcare record-based transactions."
Garri Zmudze
Longenesis CEO
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