Participant identification
Streamlined participant identification for time and resource savings

Efficiently identifying diverse participants that meet specific criteria poses a primary challenge for the Real-World Data (RWD) study on contraception. Precision in participant selection is crucial to gain comprehensive insights into contraception experiences, usage patterns, fears, and myths, demanding a strategic approach for effective study outcomes.
Our solution

The Curator platform allowed to quickly identify patients that fit the tailored inclusion criteria within an existing cohort and immediately send them invitations to participate in the study. Guaranteeing privacy and ethics by design, this solution saved significant time and financial resources typically spent on identification and recruitment.
Digital ecosystem platform that makes data sharing for clinical studies easier.
Curator empowers clinical institutions, researchers and patient organizations, to find anonymized patient data for their studies, overcoming the lengthy, ineffective and insecure traditional identification process.
Data remains local
All data remains localized to its owners, meaning sensitive medical information is never shared with third-party servers or stored in centralized databases
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