Increase Your User Safety and Drive up Your Side Effect Reporting

Finding and learning about side effects often is hard for drug and nutrition products' producers. The cases registered are severe and come to attention as drug registration malfunctions after users' death or medical conditions involving clinical institutions. The lengthy medication guides have taught users to ignore the parts that tend to repeat and have no direct connection to instructions for use – such as side effect reporting. The low side-effect reporting, however, can lead to late drug recall due to harmful results on their users which is not only costly, but also causes harm to the company's reputation.

To increase user feedback and engagement alongside side-effect reporting, digital engagement mechanisms such as Longenesis.Engage can be used. The platform is user friendly and respects all participant privacy. By deploying a simple QR code on the packaging that would lead to a feedback form on the platform, the reporting mechanism becomes more clear and user friendly which is a key to increase any feedback.

  • Upgrade your reporting invitation by putting it on your packaging. Changes in packaging featuring a QR code help to raise the user feedback culture by plainly offering a simpler digital approach to the old system. Longenesis.Engage platform can also be set up to report red-flag symptoms to get immediate attention. Such system would not only allow to collect useful feedback, but also would give an opportunity to follow-up any alarming cases increasing user safety and speeding up the reporting process.
  • Launch a cost-effective market research campaign with stickers targeting specific markets. The approach also can be of use for a campaign type of feedback such as market research to learn users' needs from packaging, medication form or any other practical update that can drive necessary improvements to conquer bigger market share. Such campaigns can be implemented with a QR sticker on the packaging only to be used for specific markets and specific batches of products.
Are you willing to drive your product towards a safer and more user-friendly reporting system? Request a consultation that can save you money and transform your product into a patient-oriented solution!
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