Translate Your Patient Feedback into Real Improvements to Raise Your Service and Care Quality

Patient feedback on the care they received is crucial to raise the overall care and service quality. It will give a direct insight into what is working well or not so well in the way your organisation delivers care. Regular feedback not only works as a performance monitoring system, but also can help to boost the morale among employees. However, taking into account the specifics of medical services, it is rather hard to get your patients' time and attention after an experience many would prefer not to remember – hearing unknown and severe diagnosis, overcoming serious surgery or staying beside your loved one in crisis. Once you let your patient out of the doors with a set of recommendations, it is mostly all they think about.

In an industry as delicate as medical services every detail matters to ensure the highest service quality. To make sure that it all sticks and you get the feedback necessary, you'll need to get your patient's attention before they have left the premises of the clinic.
Clear and easy call to action on posters or leaflets with QR codes leading patients and their companions to a digital engagement platform with a feedback form using Longenesis.Engage will help you to do exactly that. The platform is user friendly and respects all participant privacy. You can customize the type and content of the feedback survey to your needs and audience, starting from emoji icons for kids and up to more complicated set of questions and answers to adults.

The core of an effective feedback system is easy access and constant reminders. Posters in hallways or leaflets to be disseminated while signing out the patients showcase the welcomed feedback culture to the visitors. The QR code system, however, serves as a user -friendly, few-step system that can be accessed from any smartphone and nudges the patient with a clear call to action
    Are you ready to raise your care and service quality by giving voice to your patients? Request a consultation that can improve your care quality and help you gain bigger market share as easy as that!
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