Accelerate the Potential of Your Database by Introducing Patient-Centricity with Digital Consent

Analoge consent models implemented in various biobanks around the world lack the possibilities to effectively manage their databases as new research initiative generators. The donated samples can be studied for the reasons stated in the original consent, but any follow-ups or updates in consents are impossible with an analogue system, each time forcing to collect new research samples and leaving the existing qualifying samples out of reach. However, not only does it slows down the overall process, but it also reduces the public interest and engagement in voluntary sample donation as participants have no information on the scientific progress their voluntary participation has supported.

Dynamic consent models built on Longenesis.Themis not only serve as tools to effectively manage your database and engage volunteers in new research initiatives, but also can serve as a follow-up and communication system if applied together with Longenesis.Engage. Digital consent system is dynamic and can be revoked anytime by the volunteers raising overall trust and dynamics in the relationship.

  • A volunteer management system that drives better engagement in prospective studies. A two-way communication platform is needed for digital consent management to be effective. By implementing Longenesis.Engage alongside Longenesis.Themis as your official volunteer management system you will be able to not only follow-up your database in case their sample is of interest in a prospective research, but simultaneously you will ensure that your volunteer base is up-to-date with the latest research initiatives, making sure they don't forget about you.
  • White-labelled and customisable participant registration and management system for sample collection sites. Ready made platform solution that allows your institution to launch a new study, manage consent forms' versions and other related information, as well as onboard study participants and volunteers in your research program. Registration of participant information, as well as consent provision available from mobile and/or desktop devices. Once registered each participant will have their own, unique credentials to access their profile for being proactively engaged in the research projects while preserving the privacy and protection mechanisms giving them the right to decide where, how and why their data will be used within the scope of study. All this comes as a white-labelled and customisable solution for your specific needs.
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